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In 1893, Henry Flagler came to Palm Beach he deemed it a ‘veritable paradise.’ All it took was a railroad to see the vacation potential of this place. Before you knew it, a string of high-end resorts came along the county and the population increased five times between 1920 and 1927. Even New York Times noted its dramatic rise in 1925. The boom that touched Palm Beach County didn’t miss vacationers and locals alike. However, Palm Beach County’s rise to success was like a candle in the wind. Just three years later, it was met with an unfortunate visitor, Hurricane Okeechobee, which struck anything and everything it touched.

Nothing, even Hurricane Andrew in 1992, compares to the devastation caused by Okeechobee. 3000 innocent lives were lost, towns were washed away, properties were reduced to rubble and the losses amounted to billions.

Today’s Palm Beach

Despite the colossal damage caused decades ago, Palm Beach County decided to get back on its feet, and it did. While the history of Hurricane Okeechobee remains deeply etched in the minds of people, the province continues to attract visitors from all over the world. Its stunning landscapes, intricate mansions and high-end resorts never fail to amuse.

Learning from the disaster, Hoover government built a 40-foot barrier around Okeechobee Lake to protect the people from a catastrophe of similar magnitude. While the county is relatively less exposed to the forces nature for now, it doesn’t entirely eliminate the possibility of flooding. Don't forget the tropical cyclones of 2004 and 2005, and most recently the 2017 Irma, that showed the community that it never truly protected from nature’s fury.

Preserving Palm Beach’s sanctity:

Golden sands, sparkling waters and magical sunsets are the reasons why Palm Beach County’s coastline is dotted with luxury homes. Any vacationer would kill to wake up to that landscape every morning. However, if there is one thing that our service of 20 years taught us, it is that nothing stands up to the mighty force of nature – not even the strongest and the most expensive homes. This is what makes Boynton Beach Restoration Company such a reliable damage restoration company. We believe in speaking the truth and apprising our clients of the ground reality. We educate all our customers, loyal and potential alike, that you never know when a storm brews into a raging tempest. This is why we are always on our toes, prepared to act at a moment’s notice. Our 24/7 service guarantee gives our client’s the assurance that professional help is always just a phone call away on 561-303-0292.

Our services extend to the following cities:

Boynton Beach, FL, Boca Raton, FL, Delray Beach, FL, Greenacres, FL, Lake Worth, FL, North Palm Beach, FL, Palm Beach, FL, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Royal Palm Beach, FL, West Palm Beach, FL

Beyond Nature’s destruction:

It is not always nature’s fault. Sometimes we bring damage upon ourselves by being negligent. Fire breakouts are manmade disasters that usually happen due to oversight, wrecking everything along the way. If you are in the midst of an accident, such as burst pipe or fire damage, call us immediately for assistance.

We offer:

  • Boynton Beach Restoration Company Boynton Beach, FL 561-303-0292Fire & water damage restoration
  • Non-invasive leak detection
  • Water extraction and dry-up services
  • Mold remediation
  • Debris removal
  • Sanitization
  • Deodorization
  • Smoke and soot removal
  • Reconstruction of damaged portions of your property
  • Renovation and remodeling

Avail all this and more now! Save our number 561-303-0292 and find yourself always in reach of professional assistance in Palm Beach County!